Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Bad me. Good me. Somewhere in between?

I have been a delinquent crocheter this last week. I have been on vacation - and not touched my crocheting at all! Oh the horror! In my defense, I will say that the bulk of my vacation has been spent letterboxing, which means hiking through the woods. Usually not the ideal location for hauling yarn and hook to! I am 'boxing again tomorrow and Friday, but by this weekend, should be back into my normal routine... which will include work on the Lion scarf.

Secret Pal 6 is almost here, so in preparation, I filled out my Q&A and posted it at More Yarning Over (see link in sidebar). I hope my SP doesn't find it too dull! I can't wait to read my SPs' info; I already have some neat ideas, but will have to wait to get to know her a bit, of course.


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