Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Secret Pal-iness

Hurray! After a few technical glitches, I have been hooked up with my Secret Pals! I am so excited. I heard from the person spoiling me today, and he/she dropped hints that they already have a few ideas for goodies. I visited MY spoilee's blog and have some ideas, too. She seems like a nice, fun person who will be a pleasure to get a few treats for. I am bursting with glee right now (which sounds painful but really isn't!). :-)

So, on the crocheting project front, I have finally made some progress on my Lion scarf. It is very easy, but I am glad I picked it. It's a confidence booster. Just a dc, but hey, it goes quick!Here's a pic:

On other crocheting coolness, my birthday was last week and my MIL sent me this bag for my crocheting... I LOVE the colors! And the monogrammed initials make me feel like I am hot stuff.


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