Sunday, September 18, 2005

On a roll

.... for me, at least. I have managed to get a TON done on my scarf this weekend. Seriously, I have probably crocheted a good two feet or more. I am pretty proud of it, as is my hubby. He keeps watching in amazement and commenting on how quick I am (I'm not really, but compared to when I first started, I am flying now!). He has made me promise him that the next project I do will be a scarf for him, in red and grey (his alma mater's colors).

Even though the weekend is not over, I don't think I will get too much more crocheting in. Why? a) Unlike yesterday, which was rainy and overcast, it is gorgeous out today and b) I have book club in about an hour. And book club this time is in downtown AA, so I am picturing doing a little window shopping afterwards, since it is so nice out. See how that all came together? :-) I have been feeling very domestic all weekend, probably because I finally spent the Pottery Barn gift card on Friday from the wedding and bought cool things for the house, so now I want to go shopping again and buy even more stuff! It's a sickness like that.

So, wish me well on the book club/shopping/trying to restrain myself in the cute boutiques exercise! And, of course, on the scarf!


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