Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Five things

1. The scarf is still not done. So no updates or FOs to show off. Bummer.
2. I have been reading brain candy, in the form of Ten Big Ones and Eleven on Top. Complete fluff... but I always laugh my butt off when I read this series, so I excuse the goofy plots and lack of coherence. Plus, I love Ranger. :-)
3. I bought an embroidery kit from here... I love the patterns. They are so not “country samplers.” I was way excited to get it, but haven’t started yet. Probably because I hate ironing, which you need to do to transfer the pattern. How lame am I?
4. It is finally winter-like in Michigan. Hooray! It only took until January to get respectably cold. Of course, now I have to scrape my car in the morning. Not-so-hooray!
5. My hubby has been playing Final Fantasy XII on our PS2. I love all the FF games and can sit and watch for hours. Which probably explains the main reason behind number one, above. I am too distracted by running around and killing monsters. (And the plot. These games have a serious amount of plot. If you stripped away the gameplay, there would be like two movies in there.)(And I really can’t knit and watch tv at the same time. Unless it is reruns, but something new? Uh-uh. Bad things, like dropped stitches, tend to happen.)(How about one more set of parentheses to end this bad boy up?)


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