Thursday, November 01, 2007

In which I discover...

... that socks, feet, and socks and feet combined are very hard to photograph! I swear, my ankles are not that thick in real life. I think.

I have also discovered that the sock is a wee bit tight. This is the first-time I have tried it on, and it makes me wish I had done so much earlier. I don't know. The heel and foot fit pretty well, it is the leg that is tight. If I cast on more for the second sock, I am afraid the rest won't fit. What do you all think? Except that maybe I really do have thick ankles....

Discovery Number Three: I am not making much progress on my current read, Lord John and the Private Matter. I can't decide if this is because it is a mediocre story or because of the next thing I have discovered....

I can easily play Phantom Hourglass for an entire evening. And be resentful when I have to go to bed.

And finally, I have discovered that I really don't want to put these guys away, even though Halloween has come and gone. They are too cute!


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