Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Why am I grumbling and grousing? Because I wrote a fab post last night. There were pictures. There was drama. There was interesting, exciting content. And then there was nothing, when Comcast went down and my post was lost. So I am grumbling.

To recap, without any pics and without the good cheer of last night:

1) It is too hot in Ann Arbor for October. I want it to be fall.
2) My hubby bought me some lovely fall colored flowers (insert lost photo here) so it isn't all bad.
3) My progress on my first pair of socks is slow (insert second lost photo here), but fun. I like the self-striping yarn.
4) The second scarf is going great, I have about 5 feet of it done (There wasn't a photo of this, but there should have been. Just pretend.). It is a hdc, whereas Scarf #1 was a dc, so it is taking a bit more time. I like the Wool-Ease much better than the Homespun, though.
5) Maybe there was something else? Who knows. It has all been sucked into a cyber black hole.
6) Oh wait, I do remember. I sent my SP a package early last week and have yet to hear from her. I am anxious to know if she got it. Should I send a little note?

Over and out. Hopefully, next time I post from home, Comcast will be up and running and I will have lots of perty pictures for y'all.


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