Monday, March 13, 2006

A Michigan heat wave

Can it be? Is it really... a post? GASP! I know, shocking. Do you ever do the thing where you are like, "I should update my blog... but I want to wait until X happens" and then X doesn't happen, so you keep delaying and delaying? And suddenly it is like two weeks later and you realize what a slacker you are? :-) In my case, X is completed objects. I have had a big, fat zero lately. I have also lost the motivation to actually finish anything (which may explain the lack of FOs). I blame it on the weather. Michigan in the winter is a dreary, grey, dark and cold place. Now, don't get me wrong, I love it. I wouldn't move to Florida or anything. I am just explaining that it fosters perfect conditions for lots of inside and cozy activities ~ like crocheting. But then, at the first hint of spring, Michiganders go a little nuts. We're like, "Holy heck! Is that blue sky? And sun? It is 55 freaking degrees out ~ a heat wave! We must spend this precious time outside before winter strikes again!!!" and then we drop everything that we are doing and hike and frolic in the steamy outdoors. So, as you can guess, it was sunny and warm here this weekend and I behaved like a true Michigander and went hiking for 5 hours on Saturday and took a long walk around my neighborhood yesterday and didn't touch a lick of crocheting. It's a good thing, too, because it is storming today and the temperature is supposed to drop again tomorrow. So I did the right thing (or so I tell myself).

However, just because I haven't been crocheting, doesn't mean that I haven't been buying yarn! Cari at Dogs Steal Yarn was de-stashing and I bought the Wild Apple Hill Farm Wool. It is about half way down on the post. It is a beautiful bronze-y, brown and I have it earmarked for a sweater. Some day. I also bought a pair of circular knitting needles from her, but I haven't done more than look at them in awe at this point. It is nice to know that when I am ready for them, I have them, though!

I also finished The Book from the last post. For those who were curious about it, I would give it a conditional thumbs up. The condition is that you read it bearing in mind that you will probably be slightly disappointed in the last 50 pages. The author did a superb job of building suspense and mystery through the entire story... and then sorta ran out of steam in her explanations. I was a little disappointed, but still enjoyed it.

Ok, this is long enough. Hopefully, the next time I post there will be a finished object or two!


Blogger Sue said...

February and March seem to pretty dreary no matter where you live! It's been pretty gloomy here too, lots of rain. Boo! However, I'm glad you had a nice spring day to get out and frolic. It's good for the soul. :)

1:19 PM  
Blogger Natalie said...

Oh, yes, as a fellow Michigander going through these same issues, I relate with you!! This weather today - gorgeous!! Later this week - snow???

4:07 PM  
Blogger DAWN said...

I can relate, we use to live in Minot, ND and when it broke the freezing barrier, you acted like it was peak summer. Go with it, I say. Also, as long as you are still buying yarn, what's the problem? (I have been slacking in the crochet dept. but have purchased yarn, too. It truely is a sickness.)

11:43 AM  

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