Sunday, January 29, 2006

My first finished KNIT object!

Yup, that's right folks, I have actually finished my very first knit dishcloth. Hurray! It is a basketweave pattern in blue cotton. When I first started crocheting, I called my first two dishclothes goofy names (Symphony in Yellow and Fiddler's Green, I think), so I have dubbed this one Basketweave in Blue. Very original, I know. I am pretty pleased with how it came out. It is by no means perfect, but good enough to wash dishes with! My lessons learned from this, are that 1) tension is much harder to maintain in knitting than crocheting, 2) remember to bind off IN PATTERN (I forgot and just knit. Oops!) and 3) well, I haven't really figured this out yet... but I did notice that my sides are very ragged. I am not sure if this is just a newbie issue that will improve with time, or if I am actually doing something wrong. I guess I will see on the next project. On the next project (which will probably be another dishcloth... easy and cheap!), I need to really focus on carrying my yarn correctly. About half-way through B in B, I decided to try knitting Continental style. I actually did manage it for about two stitches, but they were so loose that I frogged them and went back to the "non-style" I had been using. Whether I use English or Continental, I need to master it ASAP, because the "non-style" is a pain in the pootie! :-)

I know I very rarely mention non-craft or book things here, but I have a cd recommendation. I got Beck's "Sea Changes" for Christmas (yes, it has been out for several years, but I am a bit slow on these things) and I LOVE it. Some of the most beautiful, melancholy, heartfelt music I have heard in a long time. Very unlike other Beck music, so even if you are not a fan, it is worth a listen.

Also, you may have noticed that "A Widow For One Year" has been lingering in my Current Reads for awhile now. Sigh. That's because I have moved on to other books which aren't a big pile of.... well... steaming crap. One of my fave books ever is Irving's "The World According to Garp" so I had high hopes for this book. But it is so childishly obsessed with sex that the plot, what little of it there is, is all but lost. All the keen irony and strange humor that mark that book is missing. I will probably finish it eventually, but not until the pile of good books on my to read list has been depleted. :-(

Well, on that cheery note, I am off! Hope everybody had a lovely weekend!


Blogger Kimberly said...

Yay on the first finished knit object!! I am still struggling on my dish cloth (one of these days)! I found that continental has worked easiest for me, but the purling is a little bit difficult, but after practicing it has gotten easier...or else I'm just cheating and doing it wrong! lol

You are going to join the Knitting Olympics with me now right? Right???? *grin*

9:34 AM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

Very nice!! You're ability is far passed mine. I have no idea was "style" even means!!

1:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yay! Your first knitted FO!! Good for you! I haven't gotten anywhere with my attempt at knitting but your dishcloth has inspired me to give it another go! I just need to get past Item 3. ;)

1:11 PM  
Anonymous julie said...

Okay, that totally puts my first stuff to shame!! FABULOUS job, congratulations!!

11:23 PM  
Blogger KathyMarie said...

Congrats on the knitting!

I'm currently knitting English, but hear that Continental is much faster. I've tried it, and it must be faster only if you know what you're doing.

Good luck!

7:36 PM  
Blogger Vik said...

Great Jen! Very nice! You'll love knitting!

5:35 PM  

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