Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Tag... you know what to do

First off, apologies for the extreme messiness of the last post. Messiness? What do you mean? Well... the misspellings, the jumbled pictures, the strange spacings... my little editor’s soul cried out in horror the next day when I looked at it with fresh eyes. I would like to claim that I was drunk or delirious when I posted it, but really, I think I was just tired and cranky.

So, I had an extremely yarn-filled night last night. Directly after work I had my two-hour Knit I class at Joann’s. This session was not quite as helpful to me as the first, probably because I had been practicing during the week and it was basically a refresher. Still fun, though. Then, I went straight from knitting to crocheting, as last night was Sit n Stitch! So I spent the next two hours happily sipping raspberry french soda and working on my Zen and the Art of Stashdiving scarf from last month’s CrochetMe. I am making this as a “thank you for letting me stay with you for a week” gift, for my pal in Ireland who I will be visiting in three weeks (Hurray!). Anywho. When I finally got home at about 10:15, my husband was like, “You just spent 4 hours knitting and crocheting. You are insane.” Too true. :-)

Finally, Sue over at Good Yarns tagged me for this meme, so here it is:

Answer the four questions below and then name four taggees.

Four jobs you have held:
1. Waitress (at Big Boy!)
2. Staff Writer
3. Research Associate
4. Medical Editor

Four places you have lived:
1. Ortonville, MI
2. Grand Blanc, MI
3. Denver, CO
4. Ann Arbor, MI

Four vacations you have taken:
1. Dublin, Ireland (my upcoming trip in Feb. will be my fourth visit)
2. Caribbean cruise (twice)
3. Cape Cod, MA
4. A week-long drive along western Michigan’s shore last September. Beautiful!

Four vehicles you have owned:
1. ’89 Dodge Omni
2. ’99 Ford Contour
That’s it, actually!

Four bloggers you want to tag: (G'on, don't be shy!)
1. Kimberly
2. Jennifer
3. Natalie
4. Vik


Blogger Sue said...

You must not take all the blame for the appearance of your posts! Blogger has a great deal to do with it. My neat-nik self is always having fits when my posts don't come out the way I've planned!
Those are some fun vacations! :)

11:51 AM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

Everything I post is messy and it drives my Copy Editing husband crazy. You could just say it is my little rebellion. No worries!

8:27 AM  
Blogger Vik said...

O.k. Jen, you tagged me, let`s see...

10:17 PM  
Blogger Kimberly said...

Schinkeys! To think that I thought that I was going to get away with not being tagged on this one! *sigh* Will do my best to comply!

Ah...Ireland....I adore Dublin (lived there for a year) What a great place to go on a vacation!

10:23 AM  
Blogger DAWN said...

I made the Zen scarf for a co-worker at Christmas and she loved it. I did it with alpaca and it was so soft and lacy!

8:17 AM  

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