Monday, February 27, 2006


... well, at least my photo is. Combined in this pic, in a wonderful yarn-ish symmetry, are the 100% Merino Aran sweater I bought in Ireland, the 100% Irish yarn (Don't ask what type, I am not very clear on the details of the purchase. Yes, I bought yarn w/o a label. Shuddup. I was overcome by the sheep outside or something.), and the 100% knit-by-me-but-not-in-Ireland dishcloth. It is green, so I guess it fits the Irish theme, right?

I am pretty happy with the dishcloth (for those of you keeping track of such things, this is my second knit object. Woo-hoo!). The pic doesn't do it justice, as there is a pretty neat ripple pattern on it.

On the plane to and from Ireland, I read two books. I did bring crocheting, but found I couldn't really get into it. It made me too aware of the non-passage of time. ("Oh look, one row done. And look, I still have another seven hours and thirty-two minutes on this flight.") So the books came out and I became so engrossed in them, that it didn't really matter if time was passing or not. The first one, Eva Moves the Furniture, I would give two thumbs up to. The language is deceptively simple, and it sucks you into a tale of a woman and her two invisible friends in wartime Scotland. Sounds odd, but the characters are well drawn and the end very moving (i.e., Jen was crying on the plane!). The second book, Eragon, I was less impressed with. I have been reading alot of young adult fiction lately and was expecting quite a bit from Eragon. Good reviews, best seller, and all that nonsense. So I was disappointed to find it trite and a basic rehashing of every fantasy "coming of age" novel out there, owing quite a debt to The Lord of the Rings and Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders of Pern series. If I was kid and had never read any other fantasy book, I would probably have enjoyed it more. As an adult, I would give it a so-so rating... but probably won't be reading the sequels.

Well, I had best get back to my knitting! And my poor hubby, who is suffering from a massive headache and generally not feeling all too well...


Blogger Sue said...

Oh! Nice sweater and lovely yarn! Good job on the dishcloth! It's hard to find just the right keep-busy project on an airplane, isn't it? For whatever reason, I find reading tedious on a plane, normally I love to read. Hmm...must be the seats!

9:13 PM  
Blogger DAWN said...

I am so proud of your dishcloth. Knit #2--very nice. I, too love to read on a plane. It is a good distraction from what is going on around you. How about that non-labeled yarn! nice color choice. Is it soft? huh? that is the real clincher for me. I will have to check out your two thumbs up book. As for me, Ahab's Wife is only on page 151 out of 600 and something. I swear, I am reading it.

2:59 PM  
Blogger Tara said...

Have I mentioned how very, very jelous I am? Bought yarn because you were distracted by the sheep? In Ireland? With a new Irish sweater. That's how I want to spend my last day alive. Jelous.

9:33 AM  

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