Friday, September 28, 2007

What does fall taste like?

The week started sunny and in the mid-80s. And then, on Wednesday, we had a change of weather. Lovely, cool fall rolled in.... the high was 70 and it rained all day. I was in heaven. To celebrate, I made these chocolate chip pumpkin muffins, which I saw on Amy's blog. They are delish. They taste all nutmegy and clovey and gingery and are just perfect with a cup of coffee.

(The pic is not very blog-worthy, I know. It was the best I could do, given that I was scarfing muffins at the time!)

Two notes about the recipe: I made one modification and didn't use any whole wheat flour and it came out great. Also, it makes nearly 2 dozen muffins!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Earth Says "Hello"!

Thanks to Pam’s reassurance that I still have at least one reader, I think I have decided to jump into blogging again. Why did I quit, you may ask? Basically, a combination of a very boring to blog about project and some stressful life events. The boring project was this crocheted baby blanket. It took forever, I didn’t like working on it, and nobody really wants to see pictures of “one more row completed tonight.” So, even though I slogged through it, the desire to write about it disappeared pretty quickly. (I am awfully complain-y about this blanket, I know. I think because it was a shower gift for a cousin who lives out of state, so I wasn’t there for the ego-boosting squeals when she opened it. Those squeals can make boring projects so worthwhile. No squeals equals mild resentment. At least for me!) As for the stressful life events... well, they were stressful. Both my parents had health issues (and are doing okay now, thankfully), my husband isn’t very happy in his job (which makes me unhappy, of course), we bought a new car, work is always busier in the summer... in short, life happened, and I was left too tired to blog even a tiny little bit.

But, things have calmed down again, so I am going to try and update regularly. For me, woman of many hobbies that I am, updating regularly can become a bit of an issue, since I don’t devote all my spare time to yarn-ish fun. So I am also going to expand the scope of my blog a bit and talk about some of my other hobbies, too. Be ready for book reviews, movie reviews, my latest Nintendo DS addiction, tales of hiking woes, cooking successes and failures, and more!

So. What have I done in the last six months? (Besides the mind-numbingly-dull baby blanket?) (Which I didn’t even take a photo of. D’oh!) Here is one FO:

Close up of flower

I am not sure what the yarn is; the pattern is from One Skein Wonders. Truthfully, I am not crazy about this purse. I don’t like the way the striped yarn felted up, which is nobody’s fault but mine for choosing it. Also, I am a little leery of using it because it is seemed up at the weakest point (along the bottom). I think it would be okay for a night out, when you are carrying just the bare essentials, though. But I LOVE my needle-felted flower. I used this tutorial for a general idea of how to proceed. And can I just say that needle felting is so fun? Talk about a way to get out your aggressions! :-) I will definitely be doing more in the future.

That’s it for now. Thank to all who have stuck around and happy knitting!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Is this thing still on?

Er.... so it has been like six months since I blogged. Holy disappearing off the radar, batman! Important questions to be answered: Is anybody still out there? Can this blog be brought back to life? Or should I just ride quietly into the sunset?