Sunday, February 17, 2008

Under the Hoodie, continued (finally)

As I mentioned in my last post, I have been working on a sweater lately. It is the Under the Hoodie sweater from Stitch n' Bitch. You may remember I started it way back here. Um, yeah. That is August of 2006. Yikes! Well, yarn doesn't go bad (thank goodness, because my stash would be moldering by now) and I was hankering to do some mindless stockinette. Which is what this sweater is; no real shaping, nothing fancy, just a box with sleeves.

I finished the front:

and started my first sleeve:

And am really enjoying a nice, easy knit. Hopefully, I won't get distracted (look, a shiny thing!) and I'll finish this before 2010!


Blogger Vik said...

Good thing that you rescued that old project! It`s too nice to be an UFO!

6:59 AM  

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