Monday, December 03, 2007

Bowie's in space*

Yeah. So, the lack of posting? Well, I am engaged in a Super Secret Stealth Knitting Project (hereafter to be known as SSSKP). It is the Palindrome Scarf and it is supposed to be done by Christmas for the hubby. And I am only working on it when he is not around.... so basically, I have less than two feet done and am starting to panic. I sorta want to shout at him, "Can't you go out with some friends? For about 6 hours every night? And give me a warning phonecall before you come home?" But he might catch on then. :-) And also? It is very hard to photograph SSSKP for the blog when hubby is hovering in the background.

Since I have no good knitting content, I'll tell you what else I have been up to (besides stressing about the times I am not knitting because my hubby is IN THE HOUSE AND HE SAID HE WAS GOING OUT FOR THE EVENING. Ahem. Sorry.). First and foremost, I have been watching Flight of the Conchords on DVD and laughing my butt off. Seriously hi.lar.ious. I have temporarily put the Phantom Hourglass aside and am playing Pokemon Diamond again on my DS. Last night I caught a Stunky and was thrilled. And.... hmmm.... wishing my hubby would spend a wild night out with the boys so I could work on the Palindrome? I'm not sure that really counts as a hobby though....

*You see, I have been watching too much Flight of the Conchords....


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