Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Tea, 911, scarves, and a plea for help

My Secret Pal sent me a gift certificate for Adagio! I was so excited when I checked my email last night. I wasn't expecting anything exciting, unless you count the usual offers of discounted drugs and the ability to make my you-know-what bigger exciting. (I don't.) So I was almost jumping up and down in my chair when I realized what it was. My hubby may have thought that I had lost it. SP suggested the peppermint tea, which does look tempting. I am considering that, along with the Fox Trot and one of the berry herbals. I tried to order last night but there was some wackiness with the gc, so I emailed the company to try and straighten it out. Hopefully, they will get it sorted out today and I can indulge myself as intended.

While blog stalking this a.m., I found this site, which looks incredibly helpful to a newbie like me. I have one good instruction book at home with very clear pictures, but it doesn't cover everything. This will definitely be a help. Thanks, Kathy, for listing it!

I am making very good progress on the hubby's scarf (sorry, no pics at the moment). I have several feet done. I am enjoying it, but it is a little mindless. I keep wanting to put it down and try something challenging as a change of pace, but then I chicken out. What if I get so frustrated with my challenging project that I don't want to do the easy scarf? So I keep plugging along and take satisfaction from the ever-growing pile o' scarf!

Finally, I posted a question to Crochetville and have not got an answer yet. Thought I would post it here and see if it does any better. So, I was reading a sock pattern and it used the term "coil". What is this? A term specific to sock-making? Another word for rounds? Does anybody know?? HELP!!! :-)

Sunday, September 25, 2005

The Literary Post (not really)

I finished reading "The Know It All: One Man's Humble Quest to Become the Smartest Person in the World" the other night.

Image hosted by

Despite the goofy title, it is a fun read. Light on plot, so it was nice to keep on the bedside table and read the hubby interesting bits (like the fact that dalmations' urine is the most similar to humans. Who knew?). Although the author's insecurities and constant need of validation could be a little tiring (I, for one, happen to think I am smart enough without reading an entire encyclopedia, but maybe I just have an inflated ego), the gentle "overall" message of the book is worth it.

On other literary fronts, I received this in the mail as a belated b-day gift:

Image hosted by

I love it! The patterns look pretty easy with clear instructions; plus they are for items I would actually consider making! (Well, there is one hideous hat, but that's it.) My biggest gripe so far about crocheting has been that a lot of the patterns are old-fashioned and ugly (sorry!). The knitters seem to get all the cool ones. But this book seems to be in the newer, trendier wave of stuff. Tre cool!

I have my first package for my SP all ready to go. Just need to drop it off tomorrow at the post office. The other package that I will be dropping off is books for Katrina victims (to make this a completely book-related post!). The hubby and I have amassed quite a few books, so we culled duplicates to send. I hope they make whomever they wind up with as happy as they have made us!

And now, back to the crocheting....

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Scarf 1 -- done!

My first scarf is done! Hurray!! It only took about -- um, well, probably too much time to actually list as an accomplishment. Work and my other hobbies (reading and letterboxing) did occasionally intrude. I am pretty proud of it, as first efforts go. I never did become completely comfortable with the Homespun yarn, especially the gray. For some reason, it was much fuzzier and lumpier than the purple. I also learned an important lesson. When they tell you to leave 6-8 inches of yarn when you switch colors, DO SO! Much easier to weave in when you're done! :-) Without further ado, here it is:

So, what's next on my crocheting agenda? Well, hubby is jealous of my scarf and wants his own... which will be blue and gray and NOT Homespun yarn. I tried to buy some sock yarn last night at Hancock's which they didn't carry. As soon as I can track it down, I'm starting a pair. Woo-hoo! And after that, well, I have sooooo many ideas of things I want to do, it's not even funny. Almost every pattern I see, I want to try. I think this happens whenever you start a new hobby and began to fully appreciate how much you can actually do. Hopefully, I'll chose a few projects and not buy out a yarn store!

Note: Just noticed the quality of the pic isn't great. Camera's batteries must have been getting low. Sorry!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

My virtual pet

my pet!

Discovered, courtesy of Attention Span of a Gnat. Isn't she a cutie? Click on her, she jumps!

It's wonderful to be so easily amused... :-)

Monday, September 19, 2005


After nearly a year and a half, we have done it. We have finally hit upon the right combination of people for our book club. With the six that showed up yesterday, we finally had enough for a good conversation with differing points of view. There were no awkward pauses and the conversation remained solidly focused on the book (The Devil in the White City) for nearly an hour. Hurray! I have always enjoyed the little bc that I founded, even when there was just the three of us that showed up every time, but I am thrilled that we have expanded in this direction. I feel like I deserve a pat on the back.

So, one of the bc’s new ideas, which I thoroughly approved of, was to map out more than just the next book we are reading. Now we have the next four, which are:

Broken for You, Stephanie Kallos
Doctor Zhivago, Boris Pasternak
The Great Fire, Shirley Hazzard
A History of Love, Nicole Krauss

They all look good. I was very happy that a few members besides yours truly had some suggestions this time!

On the crocheting front, I have spent the day searching for a scarf pattern for my hubby. He really likes the Lion gray-and-purple one that I am making for myself, except he wants one with narrower stripes. I know I could just modify this pattern, but that sounds a little boring to me. So I have presented him with this option, this one, and this one, too. Surprisingly, I think the Harry Potter one is winning, despite the fact that the blocks are actually bigger than the blocks in mine! We’ll see what we finally decide on....

Sunday, September 18, 2005

On a roll

.... for me, at least. I have managed to get a TON done on my scarf this weekend. Seriously, I have probably crocheted a good two feet or more. I am pretty proud of it, as is my hubby. He keeps watching in amazement and commenting on how quick I am (I'm not really, but compared to when I first started, I am flying now!). He has made me promise him that the next project I do will be a scarf for him, in red and grey (his alma mater's colors).

Even though the weekend is not over, I don't think I will get too much more crocheting in. Why? a) Unlike yesterday, which was rainy and overcast, it is gorgeous out today and b) I have book club in about an hour. And book club this time is in downtown AA, so I am picturing doing a little window shopping afterwards, since it is so nice out. See how that all came together? :-) I have been feeling very domestic all weekend, probably because I finally spent the Pottery Barn gift card on Friday from the wedding and bought cool things for the house, so now I want to go shopping again and buy even more stuff! It's a sickness like that.

So, wish me well on the book club/shopping/trying to restrain myself in the cute boutiques exercise! And, of course, on the scarf!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Secret Pal-iness

Hurray! After a few technical glitches, I have been hooked up with my Secret Pals! I am so excited. I heard from the person spoiling me today, and he/she dropped hints that they already have a few ideas for goodies. I visited MY spoilee's blog and have some ideas, too. She seems like a nice, fun person who will be a pleasure to get a few treats for. I am bursting with glee right now (which sounds painful but really isn't!). :-)

So, on the crocheting project front, I have finally made some progress on my Lion scarf. It is very easy, but I am glad I picked it. It's a confidence booster. Just a dc, but hey, it goes quick!Here's a pic:

On other crocheting coolness, my birthday was last week and my MIL sent me this bag for my crocheting... I LOVE the colors! And the monogrammed initials make me feel like I am hot stuff.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Bad me. Good me. Somewhere in between?

I have been a delinquent crocheter this last week. I have been on vacation - and not touched my crocheting at all! Oh the horror! In my defense, I will say that the bulk of my vacation has been spent letterboxing, which means hiking through the woods. Usually not the ideal location for hauling yarn and hook to! I am 'boxing again tomorrow and Friday, but by this weekend, should be back into my normal routine... which will include work on the Lion scarf.

Secret Pal 6 is almost here, so in preparation, I filled out my Q&A and posted it at More Yarning Over (see link in sidebar). I hope my SP doesn't find it too dull! I can't wait to read my SPs' info; I already have some neat ideas, but will have to wait to get to know her a bit, of course.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

ROAR, says my new project

Why, you may ask, is my current crochet project roaring? Because I am using a Lion Brand pattern and yarn for it, duh! I picked this scarf for a couple of reasons: 1) It uses a dc, which I thought it was time for me to learn 2) I like the alternating colors and 3) I am a little sick of dishcloths! I'm using a soft gray and dark purple to go with my black leather jacket. I think it will look fab. My only complaint so far is with the yarn. The pattern calls for Homespun which I bought. It is wonderfully soft.... and horribly twisty and "knotty". Lion lists the pattern as "easy"... which it is in the sense that it is just a dc over and over. But I don't know if I would call working with this yarn easy; at least for a newbie like me. Oh well, it be a good learning experience if nothing else... and I can't wait to really get going on this. It is going to look waaaayyy cooollll!