Monday, October 31, 2005

The Handle-less Well-Traveled Bag

I finished up Dawn's awesome pattern this weekend. It was really simple and hardly took any time at all. I then had my first felting experience ever. I was a little nervous. What if my washing machine ate my bag? What if it wouldn't felt? What if the sky turned purple and it started raining onions? What if? What if? :-) I shouldn't have spent so much energy worrying. As you can see, the bag looks great:

You may also have noticed, or oh-so-smartly figured out from the title, that there are no handles as of yet. I actually bought some canvas straps at Joann's the other day that I thought would look cool. Got home, held them next to the bag, and they look HORRIBLE! So I am going to bring the bag with me tomorrow when I go and buy new handles!

Besides finishing the bag this weekend, I also spent a lot of time reading. Which is a good thing, because book club is next Sunday so I need to get Broken For You done! I like it so far, though I am a little wary of how easily these "strangers" lives seem to be locking together. I never trust books that suddenly do the surprise/revelation that is the equivalent of "that nice woman that the protagonist connects so well with is really her long lost mother/sister/aunt/dog catcher!" Seems like an easy fix to me. But. I am not finished with the book yet, so I am trying to not jump to conclusions. Sorta. :-)

We had about 25 trick-or-treaters tonight. The cutest was a group of middle-school boys dressed in suits, fedoras, and sunglasses, calling themselves the "Windy City Mafia." Now, off to eat that leftover candy....


Blogger DAWN said...

Your bag looks great!! That wool of the andes felts (fulls)up the best. I'm so glad that it was a good first experience for you :)
**if you don't want to put in gromets you can just jam a big ol needle through to make a hole for the handles--I just like the look of the gromets** I'm just so happy for you.

Wish I could have seen the 'mafia'-- they sound like they were cool.

7:53 AM  
Blogger Sue said...

Discovered your blog through Hip Hooks...your felted bag looks terrific! Beautiful colors!

1:41 PM  
Blogger Tandi said...

Saw the link to your blog from C-Ville. Love the felted bag! That turned out great!

2:17 PM  

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