Saturday, October 08, 2005

Mmm... yarn (drool)

Why the drooling? I bought some lovely yarn from Jaime who was de-stashing and de-booking. Good for her, and great for me! It came today and I have been oohing and aahing over it all day. Look at this!

And this!

And finally, look at this book!

It looks BRAND NEW. I flipped through it and about half to three-quarters of the patterns look good to me. Considering I bought this at half-price, I think it is fab.

I actually bought 12 "yarn logs" (as my husband likes to call them) of the pink/green/purply-gray cotton. I already started using the twelth on a baby's hat for one of my girl friend's kids. It is wayyyy cute and about half-way done. I'll (hopefully) post a pic tomorrow of the finished product.

I must go. My yarn is calling me....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

look at your yarn haul!! :) congrats on the stash enhancement. i've worked with the Sonata before, and i think it's nice stuff. :)

take care!
your secret pal

10:57 PM  

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