Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Five things

First: Read this. It is the funniest post ever. I laughed so hard that I cried.

Second: I have continued bicycling and am now up to 5 miles a night. I feel like I am going to collapse into a wheezing, sweaty mass afterwards... but hey! We’re not all Lance Armstrongs. And my behind is feeling much better since I bought a nice pair of padded biking shorts (just in case you are wondering about the state of my tush...).

Third: I have not really been doing anything crafty worthy of taking a pic of. I finished a crocheted snowflake last night and started another. Is it really worth taking a pic before they are blocked and starched? Maybe when I have a whole pile done. I also bought size 2 dpns to start my first pair of knitted socks. I am trying to gather the courage to take the plunge.

Fourth: Summer reading has taken over my book list. What’s summer reading, you may ask? Well, it can’t be too complicated and it must be a paperback and there can’t be “themes” or “symbols” or “character development” or even much “plot!” For me, this means Ngaio Marsh mysteries (think a New Zealand Agatha Christie). Her stories are fun, but I confess that I usually solve the mystery at about the third chapter. They are ridiculously easy. Which is perfect for summer reading! Besides easy cozies, I have also started Kon Tiki (and am trying to ignore the racism, outdated theories, and wanton killing of sharks in the hopes that the story of the journey will be worth it) which sorta qualifies as it is easy and I already know the outcome!

Fifth: There is no fifth. I just felt like I should have five items on my list!


Blogger Tara said...

Yes. Five is definately a good list number, LOL.

3:53 PM  

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