Monday, June 05, 2006

My very first crocheting pupil!

It’s true. I taught somebody how to crochet yesterday! Well, I tried at least. I am NOT a very good teacher and have a hard time verbalizing actions, so my method was more on the lines of, “Watch what I am doing and then try it yourself.” But she seemed to a) get it and b) like it enough that she wanted to borrow the yarn, hook, and a beginner crocheting book I own.

Hopefully I have started her on a long path of obsessing over all things yarn-related!


Blogger Tara said...

That's way more patience than I could muster up, lol. Some people are not meant to teach, and I am definately one of them.
You'll have to show us pics of what she makes.

10:51 AM  
Blogger KathyMarie said...

Isn't teaching awesome! I love seeing my students go from "I can't" to "Holy crap, I can!"

7:05 PM  

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