Tuesday, July 18, 2006


As feared, I have hit SSS with my fingerless mitts. I have made almost zero progress in the last week. And because I am trying to be a “one project at a time” type of crafter, I have not started anything else, either. So, nothing to update you all on. Except that I have been watching my hubby play Kingdom Hearts on our PS2, which is a great way to waste time without getting anything done... :-)

But. I DID reorganize my stash and I now have a space that is completely dedicated to all things yarny, so I’ll take a pic of that soon. I feel much more at peace with my patterns/books/magazines/needles/hooks/yarn now that it is all contained in one space and not laying about in bags.

I have also been looking ahead to my next project (How typical is that? I can’t motivate myself to finish my current one, but am already planning for the next! LOL). I want to use Lamb’s Pride, but my LYS has about 4 colors, which is a disgrace. I am trying to talk myself into buying online, but am soooo worried about color quality on my PC. I have switched my color scheme about ten times now, trying to find a ‘sure fire’ one that can’t be screwed up if the colors look wildly different in person. I don’t think you can go too wrong with light gray, dark gray, and red.... can you?

Also, awhile ago I mentioned that I had started bicycling with my hubby. Well, we have been going nearly every day since the beginning of June. My progress has been slow but steady. I can now ride at about 13 mph for around 8-9 miles. Not stellar, but so much better than when I started and just a couple of miles was a struggle! So, despite the lack of knitting progress, I have been making improvements in SOME areas of my life!


Blogger Vik said...

Can´t wait to see a pic of your special space "for all things yarny", sounds like Heaven! I wish I had something like that someday! ;)

12:03 PM  

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