Monday, October 16, 2006

Nothing new here

Which is why I haven't posted in a bit. I am very much stalled out on my Under the Hoodie sweater. Just too much repitition for me right now! I have crocheted several snowflakes, but they are unblocked and I would rather show the finished product. Hoping to kick start my knit drive, I started an eyelet lace scarf for myself over the weekend. It is in a nice cream laceweight and I have high hopes for it. If I make decent progress, I can at least show a WIP photo later this week.

And that is about it on the craft front. My mom asked if I was still scrapbooking (my wedding scrapbook)(from a year-and-a-half ago)(I have a grand total of 5 pages done). After my hysterical laughter died down, I thought to myself that maybe I should try and get oh... I don't know... maybe a page or two done before the end of the year. :-) So maybe I'll have a pic of some progress there soon. But don't hold your breath.

I can't even regale you all with a list of books read! I have only read two in the last month (Are You Somebody? and The Winter Queen... Thumbs up on the first and a so-so on the second). What have I been doing?! Hmmm... watching this, this, and this, maybe?


Blogger Vik said...

I´ll be waiting for the pictures!

3:52 PM  

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